telephone numbers

Dr. Freisleben, Dr. Stoklasa, Dr. Musaen

Reichsstraße 37
phone 0906.8011

Other emergency services can be found in the daily newspaper.

If you do not feel well, please notify our reception staff immediately!

ear, nose and throat doctor
Dr. Scheffler
Reichsstraße 42
phone 0906.1555

Donau-Ries Klinik Donauwörth
Neudegger Allee 6
phone 0906.782-0

Maximilium Orthophädie
Kapellstraße 42
phone 0906.299906310

Tozmann Josef
Sonnenstraße 7
phone 0906.4127

Langner Judith
Kapellstraße 42
phone 0906.29990910

Taxi Donau-Ries GmbH
phone 0906.6006

phone 0906.6225

Chilla Taxi
phone 0906.21416